Soupr, We love Leftovers, is an initiative by Hans Gerhard Meier. For many years now he has enjoyed making soup. Now he wants soup to be eaten even more. The idea has been cooking for while (haha!), but now is the time to launch it. Why, because soup is hot, it’s all over the internet. Everyone wants to make soup, better soup.

Nowadays you could even save the world by making soup, no really! Norway, listed as one of the top richest countries in the world has a waste problem, 300.000 tons fully edible food is thrown away each year. Much of this would serve as great ingredients in all kinds of soups. But for many, not only Norway,  the art of making soup has been lost. Silly right, because soup is so easy. You got to be pretty messed up to not get your soup right. Or… maybe some nifty tips could make you more confident and some day even serve soup to guests?

With Soupr we hope to make great soup with you. Together we could build a great bank of soup recipes based on hundreds of ingredients from around the world. And by experimenting and grading our tries we’ll end up with a Soupr cook book for all of us. What do you say, lets eat and save the world while we’re at it.

Stay tuned for a Soupr revolution![/two_third]

Hi I’m Hans, I love cooking and eating soup. Once I made a sticker, Make soup Not war. My friend Ellen’s idea:-) I can’t wait to make Soupr soup, let’s get cooking!



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Sound bites; are served here… We know your working hours are filled so we want to make it easy for you to report on what’s going on with RepairWare (also, we want you to have more time fixing things that are broken) Our stair pitch (elevators are tough to fix) We want to fix the world one repair after another. We are not alone, all around the world consumers see their new bought products last shorter every year, expected to trash and upgrade have become the normal. To fix our environmental problems there needs to be taken action on several levels, one of which is repairing our stuff. The industry must meet this reality and make their good repairable.[/one_third]


Media; content is continually added, for now we have a small library of photos and video. As son as we have more we will let you know. If you have any special request please get in touch, we can fix it![/one_third]


Visuals; for Repairware can be downloaded here. The package contains the most used parts.[/one_third_last]